In ten years’ time there will probably be a surgery simulator in every serious medical institution in Europe. There are a lot of benefits practicing surgery in a simulator compared to real human surgery practice, such as lower costs, time savings and most important, patient risk reduction. Forsslund Systems primarily addresses academic institutions that teach surgery. Forsslund Systems also addresses clinics where the simulator can work as an educational tool for further training professional surgeons in complicated cases.

Forsslund Systems produces both the hardware and the software of the Kobra. Forsslund Systems develop new patient cases on demand based on your own CT-scans and preferences, making the Kobra adjustable for a lot of different surgical procedures.

Please e-mail and we are happy to answer your questions regarding price, delivery and anything related to ordering a Kobra from Forsslund Systems. If you want to know more about our previous customers, go to About > Order History.

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